Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Forty Shades of Blue

“No, you must see . . . Cay, it has a shade of blue like you have never seen before.  It is beautiful, you cannot miss this.  It’s the prettiest in the Bahamas. “

Really?  I have witnessed about ten shades of blue.  I feel totally complete.

I do not feel in any way lacking.  All ten were and are exquisite.  But enough already!  The journey to this next magical Mecca is tedious, fraught with drama and unnecessary.  So says the reluctant cruiser Cate.

We set out from Cat Cay in “not the best wind”.  On the nose, 20+ knots.  We have an open cockpit---which is delightful when anchored on a clear summer night.  Not so much with saltwater splashing you in furious spurts.  Each one like a personal affront.  Why would a boater think staying dry is optimal?  I agree, it seems counter-indicated, yet . . . I prefer to choose my times for getting wet.  Cats were howling, puking.  A heel of 10%---.  The helm was designed for a male with long arms, long legs  . . . not a 5’2” woman whose butt will not meet the back seat if her feet are on the step . . . . all for . . . “a shade of blue like you have never seen before.”

Is this not the proverbial search for the pot of gold?  Or the perennial drive for the bigger and better?

Are the Joneses’ pictures of that island really better than mine of this island?

Or is this just my judgmental self whose imagination refuses to expand.

I do not have orgasmic responses to a new shade of blue. I am happy for those who do.  But I need to simply say to them, Carry On.  The ten shades right here, replete with grocery, bar with internet, a walking path and most importantly a safe anchorage---these ten shades can occupy my imagination for many moons.  Blessings on you who want the extra thirty shades.

What drives your cruising?  Is it island living or coastal skirting?

What kind of Island?  One with people or uninhabited?

I would choose an island with internet, a grocery, and a restaurant/bar with internet.  That works.  If these things are in place---I can live there.  Ferry to the airport---luxury.

The uninhabited are “abandoned” to my mind.  God-forsaken.  Take me to civilization.  Nature is beautiful—but not enough.  I am nurtured by civilization.  Perhaps this is an introvert versus extrovert distinction.

Yes the blue shades are indefinable.  Beautiful . . . and where are the people?  Can I buy eggs?  Lettuce?  Is there a place to take the trash?

The uninhabited islands require burning burnable trash, separating cans, and biologics.  Primitive.  Let’s swim in our potato peelingsJ.  Burning---what about air pollution and lung damage?  Inhaling burning plastics . . . really?

But look at that blue—have you ever seen a blue like that before?

(SV Horizon spent almost a month at Devil Cay.  Over time, the need for eggs diminished.  The internet was checked by a faithful daughter, and the anchor held through some strong shifting winds. Mike’s nose injury and the weather prolonged the stay.  I learned to enjoy the beach, did my Leslie Sansone walking video for endorphins and waited for a Nassau opportunity.)