Friday, February 5, 2010

Life in an eclectic neighborhood

Last night, or rather this morning at 1:12 to be exact, I was awakened by voices just outside the bedroom window that faces my back yard.  There were two deeper male voices and several, maybe 6 or 7, young kids voices.  I could see flashlights and hear the voices but couldn't quite make out what they were saying.  The kittens were by that point hunkered down somewhere, probably under the bed.

I dialed 911 to report the invasion and gave them my address.  They said they would send someone out.  I was nervous enough to stay low as I watched the flashlight beams play across the ceilings and walls as the people moved about in my back and side yards.  They would group, then split up and go all around the house and yard, then group again. I felt under siege and wondered if the security doors would hold up.

After maybe 10 minutes, the entourage seemed to move off down the street and I started to relax a bit.  Then at 1:36 the cops called back to say the two men were undercover cops who were looking for someone.  I asked why, if they were cops, that they were taking along a half dozen kids during their search, but got no reply.

I think I managed to fall back asleep about 5.

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