Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Our new sailing vessel 'Horizon'

With everything else going on, we needed a diversion and eventually finalized the deal for the 41' Morgan Ketch.  Of course at the time we were inundated with too much to do with other problems and too little time to think about the boat, so we took the easy route and documented her as 'Horizon', the same name as the original 35' Rafiki that sold in November. 

Our new Horizon has just had some critical items fixed (prop shaft and bearings, exhaust, etc.) and is now at Maximo Marine for hull paint, stripes, and name.  She is going to have her dock rash faired then her hull will be painted Awlgrip white, her boot stripe will be black, and coach stripe Imron Sunset Red.  We hope to have her back and looking really pretty in 3-5 weeks!

We already have a pile of gear to start installing once we get her back: a Rutland 913 wind generator and Village Marine LWM watermaker that have been stored in a back bedroom for a couple years, a new automatic fire extinguisher (for the engine room), and a LinkLite battery monitor to name just a few.

Our maiden motor in the Intracoastal to get her to Maximo went great.  I had some slight trepidation that the extra 6' in length and 3' in beam would cause me handling issues after all those years with the Rafiki.  It turns out that the view from the center cockpit 41' Morgan is close enough to the one from the aft cockpit 35' Rafiki that everything felt very natural.  Well, natural so long as I forgot the extra 10 feet dangling aft that the Rafiki did not have :)

So now we take a break and dream about all the fun we will have once Horizon is out of the paint shop.

I had to throw this in - it is a sister ship looking pretty!