Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Caribbean bound

The view south over 2 bikes and dinghy

Yesterday we finally did it.  Our BFF neighbor Rhonda and Lisa were there to help when we came back from one last grocery run and they helped us unhook Horizon from her shore environment.  The last dock line was pulled aboard and we executed a perfect reverse out of the slip for the last time ... until Lisa shouted "LINE IN THE WATER"!  We were so busy making sure that all the normally attached lines were aboard, that we forgot our spring line.  There were a few Keystone Kops moments while we got our hardware off the spring line then we were once again on our way.

We did make one last stop at the marina fuel dock to top up the diesel tank and fill the gasoline and diesel jerry jugs.  Rhonda met us there again to give us one final hug.  We are sure going to miss that woman!

Our keys were turned in and bill settled and we headed out of the marina for the last time.  We did make it past the breakwater before my hat blew overboard and Cate was able to display her aptitude with the net to retrieve it.  Then we were off again.

We sailed and motored all the way to Manatee river, a whopping 5 hours away! And here we sit at anchor decompressing and getting Horizon ready for sea.  The kayaks are now securely stowed along each side, the 8 fenders are neatly secured around the boat and away from our walking area, the dock lines, power cord and cable coax are all coiled and stowed out of the way.  All we have left is to run jack lines, wait out the front that is coming through this evening and tomorrow, and we should be ready to get Horizon properly heading south.

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