Thursday, January 17, 2013

Ides of March

This has been an eventful few weeks since our holiday sail. Brad got our replacement 4G radome and new VHF radio antenna installed on the mizzen and so far everything is working great. While he was up there we also had him seal all the holes the wires go in so hopefully the aft head will no longer have such a wet floor after every rain.

I don't think I mentioned it, but the last of the cabin sole work got done in November just before my trip to India. Everything looks so much nicer with the old carpeting gone. Of course there is still a throw rug/runner outside my office door (the engine room) for obvious reasons.
New cabin sole walk-thru

This past weekend we got the porthole in the forward head replaced so there are only 3 plastic portholes remaining. We intend to spend one weekend day in the near future replacing the two starboard salon portholes then say the job is done. The last one, the one in the galley, is just too difficult to get to. We would have to remove the stove and dismantle a great deal of cabinetry to get close enough to replace that one. Since it is not accessible for light or ventilation anyway, it would only have been done for looks. So 13 stainless steel portholes installed, two to go!

Along with the porthole, the forward head shower pan also got a going over. Cate was not happy that the new cabin sole just outside that head got moisture under the varnish and was starting to darken. Julio took up the molding around the shower pan and found there were big gaps in the 30-year old sealant. So now one crack in the pan has been fixed, the sealant all around between the pan and cabinetry has been replaced, and a new waterproof finish put on the pan and surrounding molding.

More goodies arrived this week so I will shortly be busy replacing the Xantrex C-60 controller with the new Blue Sky MPPT Solar Controller, installing an inverter remote panel, wiring the new VHF antenna to the cockpit radio, and taking out a lot of now unused cables to clean up the wire bundles in the engine room.

The date has been cast. I officially retire on the Ides of March. We will probably hang around the local area for an extra month or so to get the last of the stuff installed and tested. After that we are free to go where the wind and sails take us.


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